Mala Beads

How Do You Use Mala Beads?


  1. Sit comfortably and quietly where you won’t be disturbed.

  2. Set your intent and motivation.  What are you wanting to achieve through your mindfulness practice and meditation?  This will help with determining your mantra.

  3. Hold the first bead next to the ‘guru” bead between your finger and thumb.  Note:  the guru bead is larger, typically 3 holed, and decorative.  This bead is not counted.

  4. Recite the first mantra.  Choose any mantra you feel attracted to.  Select a saying or mantra that has meaning to you that you want to work towards.  i.e. confidence, compassion, balance, friendship, relationships, etc.

  5. Pull the next bead towards you by moving your finger and thumb along to the next bead, chant the next mantra, and repeat.  Mantras can change daily, weekly, or monthly.  This is your uniqueness.

  6. A mantra can be chanted aloud at first then gradually, as you become familiar with it, continue in silence.

  7. You can stop and return to your mala to continue your meditation practice.

  8. To bring more energy and your mala, recite your mantra 7 times and blow the vibration of the mantra on the mala.  This increases the energy and power of the mala.

Wearing Your Mala

Wear your mala throughout the day as a reminder to be mindful or as a reminder for a personal mantra connected to the type of bead or stone that the mala is made from. Reference the stones below for more discovery and exploration of the meanings of the beads. Every stone and color has a personal and specific meaning for its wearer.

Take Care of Your Mala

  • Store your mala in your silk mala pouch when not in use.

  • Treat your mala beads with care, gentleness, and respect.

  • Do not wash or wear during bathing or sleeping.

  • Stay clear from perfume or chemicals contacting your precious gemstones.

  • To clean your mala, gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place them in sunlight or moonlight to dry.

  • If you are wearing your mala, take care to be gentle when taking it on or off. If the mala has come to its end, clip the beads into plant soil.


Red Semi-Precious Beads


Bloodstone energy tells you to live in the here and now. Use it for mastery and renewal whether it be love, relationships, friendships or new beginnings. Bloodstone has also been used to connect with ancestors by using its energies to take you in the spirit realms to communicate and learn from them. Courage, purification, grounding and inner strength. Heart and Root Chakras.

Red Tiger Eye

Motivating, protecting, perceptive, humbling, confident. Increases low sex drive. Perfect for those looking to accomplish goals or those with commitment issues.


Cleansing and energizing. Inspires love and devotion, and balances the sex drive. Courageous. Self-confident. Sharpens perceptions. Removes inhibitions and taboos. This is a strong and intense stone.

Red Jasper + other shades

Grounding, organized, creative, empathetic, and rejuvenating. Encourages mental clarity and focus. Helps with allergies to animals and those who get overwhelmed easily. Promotes healing from illness.

Pink Semi-Precious Beads

Rose Quartz

Truth. Harmony. Encourages unconditional love. Purifies and opens the heart. Promotes love, self-love, and friendship. Provides comfort in grief.
Dispels negativity.


Balances emotions, heals emotional pain. Encourages forgiveness and self-love. Builds confidence. Helps those dealing with abuse and emotional issues. Stimulates the heart chakra (Anahata).


Unique pink and green stone. Grounding. Balancing. This bead inspires rebirthing and realizing anything that inhibits your spiritual growth. Good for people dealing with life changes or needing to let go of past events. Aids in releasing pain and anger.

Orange Semi-Precious Beads


Stimulate creativity. Motivates. Encourages vitality, courage, and positive life choices. Sharpens concentration. Helps with overcoming abuse, treats depression, and dispels emotional negativity. Boost fertility and stimulates sexuality. Increases passion and compassion


Healing, cleansing, vitality, stress relief, emotional healing. Attracts love, pleasure, and happiness. Good for people dealing with or coming out of a long illness. Can be used for good luck.


Goldstone helps to reduce stomach tension and benefits arthritic conditions with the copper flecks in the stone. Stabilizes emotions and promotes calmness. Generates energy. Protects. Good for attaining goals.

Yellow Semi-Precious Beads


Uplifting and energetic. Inspires success and prosperity. Promotes success in business or personal affairs. Combats negative energy and helps to bring stability. Balances and solar plexus chakra.

Yellow Jade

Inspires wisdom, moderation, and perspective. Balances emotions. Aides in understanding dreams. Helps with learning and understanding new information. Promotes compassion and empathy.

Honey Calcite

Amplifies energy. Eases challenges that come with change. Inspires vitality, confidence, strength, and persistence. Helpful for people dealing with depression. Meditating with honey calcite helps to change persistent thoughts. Balances the crown chakra.

Green Semi-Precious Beads


Compassion, empathy, perseverance, prosperity, decisiveness. Comforting and healing. Promotes well-being and calm. Good for leaders and managers.


Creativity, confidence, emotional balance. Malachite can give comfort in times of change and also encourages emotional balance and healing the heart. It helps release negativity and overcome bad habits and behaviors.

Moss Agate

These beads can vary in color from green to blue. Strengthens self-esteem and balances emotions. Helps develop strength and inspire personal growth. Inspiring. Optimistic. Used by midwives to lessen pain and ease delivery.


Serpentine is a stone that you can use to attract or manifest whatever desire you may have. The spiritual energy of this stone has the ability to attract the abundance of all kinds, as well as love, happiness, prosperity, and healing. Serpentine clears the heart chakra, meaning that it can improve all energy related to your relationships and interactions with others.

Green Jade

Soothes the mind, releases negativity, and stabilizes the personality. Stimulates ideas. Inspires insightful dreams. Attracts good luck and friendship. Balances the heart chakra (Anahata).

Blue Semi-Precious Beads


For communication and being true to yourself. Eliminates fear. Encourages creativity and success in business.

Lapis Lazull

Promotes inner truth, self-awareness, and self-expression. Stimulates the mind for clear thoughts and ease of decisions. Releases stress and eases depression. Balances the throat chakra (Vissudha).

Blue Tiger Eye

Very useful for stress relief. Motivating, protecting, perceptive, humbling, confident. Perfect for those looking to accomplish goals or those with commitment issues.

Blue Sky Jasper

Protective. Eases emotional stresses. Encourages independence. Balancing.

Indian Bloodstone

Varies in color from blue to purple. Heals, detoxifies and revitalizes. Protects from evil and negativity. Promotes courage.

Blue Sodalite

The stone of “Patience.” A stone of communication and it also stimulates verbalization of ideas. Promotes an understanding of the natural order of the universe. Helps when you feel scattered, unfocused and disorganized. Stimulates the brain and the mind on many levels. Chakra: Throat and Third Eye.

Purple Semi-Precious Beads


Memory enhancer, motivator, tranquilizer. Protective. Balancing. Enhances memory. Relieves insomnia. Soothes and counteracts negative emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, grief. Good for people dealing with high stress, anxiety, and depression. Also helpful for people dealing with addictions. Makes a nice gift for travelers and soldiers. Protects from harm and attack. Stimulates the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna).


Protects and removes negative attachments. Promotes positive feelings and eliminates stress and brings calmness. Helps with emotional healing and helps you live your best life. Balances the crown chakra (Shasrara).

Black/Dark Semi-Precious Beads

Smoky Quartz

For communication and being true to yourself. Eliminates fear. Encourages creativity and success in business.

Black Onyx

Protection, strength, good fortune, vigor, and health. Black onyx banishes grief and promotes self-control. In addition to balancing the energies of the body, this mala promotes healthy bodies and increased stamina.


Calming bead, fosters self-acceptance and self-confidence. Clears energy blockage and brings vitality to the organs. Encourages concentration and focus. Absorbs emotional pain.


The Dragon’s Heart – born from the storms of the Northern Lights. This stone has healing properties of tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness of the universe. Linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis. The stone has a calming effect on the mind by relieving stress and anxiety and balances the energy flow.

Blade Agarwood Eaglewood

Invigorates, purifies, calms. Good for people who suffer from insomnia or hyperactivity.

White & Clear Semi-Precious Beads


Increases memory and desire to learn. Patient. Calm. Positive. Expands horizons and opens the mind to new knowledge. Improves memory and facilitates learning. Fights overactive minds and insomnia. Good for people who are angry and disappointed. Balances the third eye chakra (Ajna).

Freshwater Pearl

Promote healing power, soothing the nervous system, promoting self-esteem and emotional balance. Grace, purity, truth, happiness, compassion, and integrity.

Mother of Pearl

Healing, protecting, creative. Dispels negative energy and brings harmony and balance.

Clear Quartz

Often worn as fine jewelry, pearls aren’t usually thought of as healing stones. The main meanings are grace, purity, truth, happiness, compassion, and integrity.

Brown Semi-Precious & Wood Beads


Awakening. Spiritual promise, dedication, faith. Buddha gained his enlightenment while sitting under a Bodhi Tree.

Brown Agate

Inspires inner stability, self-confidence, composure, and maturity. Improves concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Improves relationships with friends, family and lovers by helping people forgive and release bitterness.

Crazy Lace Agate

Calming bead, fosters self-acceptance and self-confidence. Clears energy blockage and brings vitality to the organs. Encourages concentration and focus. Absorbs emotional pain.

Bayong Wood

Provides stability and grounds mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Not technically wood, the tulsi plant (also known as sacred basil) has a long history of spiritual uses. Made from the stem of the plant. This sacred bead clears the aura, balances vata (air and ether) and kapha (water and earth) doshas, and provides protection to the wearer. Protects from accidents, and bad dreams. Note: Vata – responsible for mental and physical adaptability. Energizing force of the body and mind, and it governs our nervous system, our bones, and our senses of touch and hearing. Kapha – responsible for binding together. Responsible for the stability, lubrication, substance, and support of our physical body. Supports emotional calm, patience and compassion.

Tiger Eye

Protecting and grounding. Increases confidence, helps to recognize talent and faults. Inspires you to accomplish goals.


With a beautiful deep reddish tone, rosewood offers protection and banishes negative energy. Removes obstacles and helps manifest desires. Promotes healing in yourself and others.
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